SEO optimization

What is an effective SEO?

Effective search engine optimization is the complex procedure providing for the range of such processes as:

SEO audit. It means the detailed analysis of a website, the determination of strong and weak sides of its work, the forming of the semantic kernel (with a client’s detailed endorsement), as well as the development of the detailed plan of the necessary changes. The qualitative audit is the initial, and, at the same time, the most important stage of the effective SEO promotion, as all the further actions are based on its results.

SEO copywriting. The writing of proper and unique SEO articles using all the groundwork and results of the SEO audit, including the key words from the formed semantic kernel. These articles are not only the auxiliary tool for a website promotion, but also the effective marketing instrument, because they are written not only professionally, but ‘with feeling’ as well.

Search engine optimization itself. The direct modification of a website’s work, according to the results of the SEO audit with the simultaneous adding of SEO articles, as well as their mutual correction with the purpose of the achievement of the positive effect that was planned earlier.

Conducting search engine optimization, it is necessary to pay separate attention to the possibility of its useful application, or usability.

This characteristics, with the correct approach, allows to significantly improve not only the effectiveness of the published materials, but also their general detection by search engines. This work is very delicate, as any change of a website’s structure must not cause negative consequences and must correspond to users’ expectations as much as possible.

The effective SEO demands constant monitoring and correction of the solutions in the process of their implementation. As the algorithms and definitions of pages’ relevance change all the time. This means that the secret of the success of each website is individual for each separate case. That is why, in order to provide You with the successfully optimized project, we – the team of SEO specialists of iStar Design Studio – apply all our possibilities and experience, and use only the up-to-date software and methods.

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