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Addressing to iStar Design Bureau you expect to get the full-fledged product that will favour the development of Your business and the support of your image. We involve people in the project to deal with its implementation.

Any project is divided into stages. Each stage is estimated in work hours spent by iStar, and paid separately. Before the project start, all its details are recorded and a client may see the whole process of the work and the terms of its implementation. Every step is transparent and open as much as possible.

For more clear understanding of the purposes set before the future joint project, it is necessary to find out how we may be useful for you.

For this purpose, you should answer the questions, which will help us to know you better, to understand your tasks and expectations from the cooperation.

This will help us to see the true picture of the project, to promptly determine cost and terms of the implementation.

We guarantee the complete confidentiality of the information about you and your activity.


Your business.
Specific character of your business? How does your company work?
Your prime customers?
Unique advantages of the company? Main purpose of the company?
Can we look at the business model from inside?
Top priority.
What is your purpose for the near future? What are you going to achieve?
Tell in your own words, what is the task of your company at the current stage of the development – “to increase sales level”, “to attract the category of clients in certain age group”, etc. This will help us to understand how our work may be effective for the implementation of your tasks. Do not use the words like “to create a beautiful website”, “to create a comfortable interface”, as it is meant by default.

Tasks solution

What is our role in the implementation of your project? Why do you choose to change the company’s website (corporate style, interior design or other product from our side), and not, for example, to replace the sales department for the effective solution of your task?
Terms of the project? Project start, finish?
Planned budget for the project?


What is your vision of the final product? What are your expectations from the joint work?
Who will work on the project on Your side? Who and how will make decisions about the approval of the project
on the whole and the design in particular? Who has the decisive word in the project?
Contact us or write a letter, and we will calculate the cost of your project by hours.

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