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Writing of a SEO article in SEO copywriting may be compared with the wine-maker’s representation of his product for the wine sampling by the team of the most skilled and the most famous sommeliers. This comparison is correct for the number of reasons.

First of all, if the product is poor, it will not get to the presentation, because the maker will not pass it. In case of SEO copywriting, there is an additional protective factor in form of the principles of search engines’ functioning. In case of non-conformity with the standards, they hide this article as far as possible.

Nevertheless, the whole world, let alone the algorithms of search engines, is changeable. And the things that are topical and correct today, may become not so effective tomorrow. In this respect, the rules of determination of applicability of pages and texts change all the time, while the qualitative, logical and marketing articles remain topical all the time, as well as a good wine.

That is why, if Your article is written ‘with feeling’, and still does not appear among the TOP ones in the search engines, this means absolutely nothing. As, in the result, it may appear to be more effective than the most correct search article.

Exactly this is the reason why writing an article it is necessary to focus, first of all, on logic and quality, and after that, on algorithms and rules. Thus, the copywriting of the ideal SEO articles differs in this respect with the maximum possible balance.

SEO copywriting differs from ordinary copywriting, because with the observance of all the semantic and logical standards, it contains the necessary for the search optimization key words and phrases in the necessary quantity, of the necessary quality and in places defined by a copywriter. This is rather difficult creative process demanding certain talent, knowledge and skills.

In order to understand the main determination of SEO copywriting it is enough to list its main tasks:

• the improvement of a website’s position relatively the competitors among the results of the search;
• the provision of the objective information to each user;
• the stimulation of the correct behaviour of website target visitors.

Writing SEO articles it is necessary to know where to stop. Because even the best intentions may disrupt any perfectly formed and adjusted idea. It is very important for the further SEO process and website promotion.

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