SEO audit

What is SEO audit?

SEO audit is an initial stage of the complex optimization of any web-project. This procedure may be described by several actions, because there may be plenty of reasons for failure.

In the majority of cases, SEO audit is applied for already implemented and launched projects, which encountered certain difficulties in work in form of the limited website traffic or the extremely law effectiveness of a website work.

However, we all know that it is better not to make mistakes in the beginning, then to correct them later with certain difficulties. That is why, if You ordered a website in some company and do not want to test its durability, we advise You to order SEO audit at once in order to significantly save time and, consequently, money. It should be noted that website promotion in the network is not a fast process, and this means that You will be able to see negative results only in few months. Needless to say about financial expenses and time spent for the next audit, correction of mistakes, and for the required website reindexing. Count time – save money!

All the factors negatively influencing the work of websites may be divided into external and internal ones. The external factors include, first of all, the quality of the external links, their nature, as well as the availability of You website in main search engines. The rational corrections of this information yield positive results in form of the increase of website traffic. However, they are insufficient for the achievement of the maximum positive effect.

SEO analysis of the website may show internal different mistakes, such as:

• accuracy of work of server/hosting;
• quality and uniqueness of texts;
• compliance of pages metadata with the topic of content/resource;
• availability and specific nature of semantic kernel;
• format/availability of internal links;
• application and correctness of additional tools (robots.txt, site maps);
• website structure;
• rules for headings and links;
• many other specific and individual problems in each specific case.

As You see, there may be a lot of problems. The solution of each of them requires the separate attention, considerable patience and efforts. However, only after the organism is completely healed, it is reasonable to start active sports activities. By the way, this parallel is really appropriate, as a website is the full-fledged living organism. Like a human, it requires patience, care and concern of its administrator in order to be of benefit to him for a long and happy time.

After the SEO audit is finished, You get the unique document with the detailed information about the problems of Your website at the moment, as well as the ways of their solution with the minimum possible losses. This information is the first and the very important step to make Your website better, more successful and more accessible for each user despite his or her location.

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